New invention… Robot Roofer


  • 9x faster than humans
  • 62% increase in productivity


  • Sensors stop at edge
  • Safe wireless monitoring
  • Automation in 4th most dangerous career
    • 101 fatal injuries/year
    • 3,150 non-fatal injuries/year


  • Sensors detect old nails
  • Robotic automation ensures consistency
  • Automatically dumps debris in dumpster

Roof Removal: Past vs. Future

Hard Work, Dangerous, Error Prone

The Past

The average home takes 33 labor hours for roofers to remove 4,896 nails holding 5,513 pounds of debris. It’s back breaking work as the roofers are hunched over for hour-after-hour prying and carrying the old material across steep slopes. It's no surprise a labor shortage is the #1 concern of roofers.

Faster, Safer, Better

The Future

Our patented robotic roof remover reduces 20 labor hours of dangerous work on the average home. Sensors detect nails ensuring they are removed. The robot also autonomously hauls the debris across the steep sloped and dumps the old material in the dumpster. In the middle of a labor shortage, RoboRoofer always shows up for work on time!

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