Back to where we started… Roofing

Our Story

The back injury

Our founder, Mike Baird, was a roofer until a back injury ended his career.

The new career

Knowing his roofing days were over, Mike trained and started a new career as a software engineer.  He spent 17 years in technology managing teams of engineers at fortune 500 companies.

The idea for a robotic roofer

In 2014, Mike was bedridden with a herniated disc in his back thinking about how repetitive and dangerous roofing is.  Then, the epiphany came; repetitive and dangerous tasks are what technology is best at.

We formed a team of talented engineers and business people to bring a robotic roofer to the market.

Our Belief And Mission

Core Belief

Technology will make our world a safer and better place

Technology will make our world a safer and better place

Technological change has created skeptics.  The concerns range from privacy concerns to bold claims of cyborgs imprisoning the human race.

At Roboroofer, we strongly believe that the smart people in this world will utilize technology to make things safer and better.

Our Mission

Prove it... Make the world safer and better

Prove it… Make the world safer and better

Roofing is the 4th most dangerous job.  Many aspects of roofing are repetitive as a worker hunches over and incline for 8 hours a day prying/laying shingles.

We plan to “take the robot out of the human” freeing up roofers to perform skilled work that requires knowledge and dexterity.  Workers will flash chimneys and monitor the robot instead of breaking their back with repetitive and difficult tasks.

Our Team