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Robotic Roof Removal

Automated tear-off tool revolutionizes the roofing industry

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Minute Setup



Our patented robotic roofer was designed to make roofing safer and more efficient by performing the dangerous and repetitive task of tearing off the long flat surface areas of asphalt shingle roofs. RoboRoofer handles the repetitive stuff so your roofers can focus on the skilled tasks such as flashing chimneys and cutting in sidewalls.


  • 6 square / hour
  • Automatic debris collection
  • Dumps debris in specified location
  • Removes all nails


  • Sensors stop at edges
  • Sensors stop operation at pitches above 16-12
  • Self-ratcheting lifeline added level of defense
  • Monitor/control remotely via smartphone


  • Works with existing air compressor and electric
  • Quick toggle latches for assembling components
  • Setup in under 8 minutes

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How To Use

Step 1 Assemble

Lightweight and simple, RoboRoofer was designed for fast and easy setup in less than 6 minutes using only one worker.

  • Place components on roof
    • 4 pieces
    • Each piece under 50 lbs
  • Snap together
  • Connect standard air and electric lines

Step 2 Configure

In under 2 minutes you can enter the measurements with the following steps:

  • Enter roof width and height
  • Enter debris dump location
  • Add obstructions (e.g. chimney, valley, sidewall, etc)

Step 3 Tear-off

The robot will tear off the old roof and dump the debris in the desired location.

  • Removes 6 square per hour
  • Avoids obstructions (e.g. chimney)
  • Mobile feedback on time remaining and % complete

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